Yoga Client Testimonials

I have had three one to one yoga sessions with Christine. Christine has a very professional approach. She ensured my comfort by adapting the positions as necessary to accommodate some limitations in my mobility due to osteoarthritis which was extremely helpful. Christine gave clear explanations at all times. The sessions were all well prepared and I felt relaxed as well as invigorated after each one. I’m now looking forward to the next one.

Sue, Cranleigh  (April 2019)

I cannot thank Christine enough for introducing me to Anusara yoga and Nidra meditation. Having never done any type of yoga before and enjoying cardio workouts I wasn't sure I would get the same kick out of this form of exercise. I was wrong. Christine puts together a great balanced program, explaining the positions well from basic to the more challenging allowing you to challenge yourself further if you wish. The restorative yoga class with Nidra meditation is especially relaxing and between the two they have certainly enhanced my feeling of well being. I am so happy to have such a fabulous yoga teacher and really enjoy the one-on-one and small group sessions. I would highly recommend.

Sue, Guildford (April 2019)

Christine takes great care in setting up a serene atmosphere in which to practice, with music and candles and eye masks at the end to relax. Her communication is clear and precise and she takes care to ensure you are in the correct position at all times. She is also responsive to any questions about posture, breathing techniques etc. As well as encouraging me to push myself with, the exercises she also ensured that my basic postures were correct, explaining the reasons at all times. I would recommend her classes for beginners as well as those who have been practicing yoga for a while.

Marie, Cranleigh (May 2019)

Yoga was always something that I didn't think I could do but Christine has tailored the sessions specifically to suit me and my level of ability.I already feel more confident and able to tackle the exercises. Every week she introduces new things so the sessions are extremely engaging, enjoyable and fun.

Tracy, Guildford (May, 2019)

Five Star feedback for Sunday morning Anusara Yoga class on MindBody App:  This is the perfect Sunday morning class! Calm, relaxed and a good stretch to set you up for the week ahead.

Student, Mary Ann Weeks Yoga Studio, Guildford (June, 2019)

I have participated in several restorative yoga sessions given by Christine. They are always wonderfully relaxing and calming, and I come away feeling completely refreshed, both physically and mentally. She is always very well prepared – creating the perfect physical environment for relaxation, and putting considerable thought into planning the programme for the session. I highly recommend her yoga classes.

Philip, Cranleigh (January, 2020)

I have attended a number of Christine’s Restorative Yoga classes.  Christine is always well prepared and takes care in setting up the room ready for the class.  She creates a serene atmosphere with candles and music. Christine’s communication is clear and calm which enables one to relax and really enjoy the session.  She has a very professional approach and will adapt a position for a person’s ability. I would highly recommend Christine’s yoga for beginners and those who are experienced.

Beatrix, Cranleigh (January, 2020)

I have been doing the Gentle Flow Yoga classes with Christine for a few months. Christine makes it a truly holistic experience- candles, aromatherapy essential oils, often bringing in a bit of yogic philosophy or just some poetry or profound thoughts for the mind and soul! She is very attentive to the needs of the class (students have different levels of experience but most are regulars and you have to be quick to book a space!), supportive, not judging, and we leave the class refreshed and inspired

Elena, Cranleigh (January 2020)

Christine’s mindfulness meditations and breathing exercises are the perfect
antidote to stress. She is highly professional, and her voice is incredibly calming and soothing. The sessions have had a really positive and demonstrable impact on my mood and general well-being.

Jean-Pierre, Woking (April, 2020)

Christine's soothing voice and Mini Mindful Meditations What's App  group provide a great opportunity for time out of our busy lives. The breathing exercises and thought provoking ideas offer a chance for calmness and reflection. I always finish feeling better. 

Eileen Godalming.(April, 2020) 

Christine Noel
Yoga teacher

Christine Noel

Yoga teacher


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